Wines, Champagne & Processo at the restaurant La Galeria in Hannover

High-quality Wines, a Classy Champagne or the Perfect Prosecco…
… You have the choice which drink should accompany your favorite Italian dish. But we also know exactly which wine matches which food so feel free to ask us at any time. At La Galleria we have a bar which fulfills all your dreams and wishes. There you can enjoy a wide range of red-,rosé- and white wines. There is also Champagne and Prosecco waiting for you to share some special moments.

La Galleria in Hannover, Terrasse mit Wind- und Lärmschutz

Champagne and Wines:


  • Moet & Chandon, brut
  • Veuve Cliquot, brut


  • in der Karaffe
  • - Trocken: Weiß, rot oder rose

    - Lambrusco: lieblich

  • im Glas
  • Weißweine
  • - Hausmarke, trocken

    - Pino grigio

    - Chardonnay d.o.c.

    - Gavi d.o.c.

  • Rose
  • - Trocken: Weiß, rot oder rose

    - Lambrusco: lieblich

  • Rotweine
  • - Hausmarke

    - Sangiovese d.o.c.

    - Primitivo di Puglia d.o.c.

    - Merlot d.o.c.

    - Chianti Riserva d.o.c.g.

    - Lambrusca lieblich, Hausmarke

  • Flasche
  • - Prosecco Flasche

    - Prosecco „Rotari“ Rosé Flasche

La Galleria in Hannover, Weinregal